Welcome to Orchard Material Technology (OMT). OMT is a firm dedicated to the commercialization of practical, effective, and responsible developments in metallurgy, energy, and material science technology.

While focused primarily on refractory metals, OMT can provide expertise and knowledge for other metals and materials and our strategy and direction is always “grounded” in metals and material science.

OMT provides its clients with access to world class engineers and highly experienced commercial managers. OMT's engineers have significant experience in mineralogy, process design, construction and operations of metal processing plants and all OMT’s commercial experts have had many years experience in executive level management in the refractory metals industry.

The combination of technical and commercial expertise means that OMT can provide its clients with total service across the broad spectrum of metals processing. Each client assignment has a dedicated Project Manager with a core strength in both technology and enterprise management. The Project Manager assembles a team with cross-functional capabilities that bridge the technical and practical requirements of each project such that our clients receive world-class services.

OMT’s foundation is rooted in years of practical experience, engineering design, facilities operations and commercial management across the following disciplines.